Take You Away

Imagine falling in love with someone who belongs to a group of people different from your own, hated by your own…sounds familiar…sounds Shakespearean. That’s because he did a play called Romeo and Juliet which is only trumped by the new sequel Gnomeo and Juliet . JC grew up mostly in multi-cultural Mississauga, and I did grade 2 in three different countries. So both of us have been exposed to people from many cultures and backgrounds. Love has no boundaries. They say love is blind, and indeed it is blind to the ignorance that is prejudice and hate. “Take You Away” tells the story of two sets of people in just such a situation.

The first song we made together was actually called “Just Breathe It” but I can’t find that one…I may have to ask my homeboy Jonas to open his vault of every song I’ve ever made for that one ;).

Take You Away is part of an EP called ‘Broken Land’:

Nabil joins us for a live session of the song:

Here is the song on someone’s random YouTube account lol: