Nabil and Karim


Avocado’s for lunch, falafels after school and some kind of cayenne pepper and seed combination for dinner – it’s hard to talk about Nabil without talking about healthy eating and spiritual matters. He is a deep cat, who continually inspires me to live a well balanced life. Our musical relationship is like a marriage. We both love working together, we both love each other and even through those hard times when we disagree and want out…we always find a way to make more songs inspired by the Baha’i Writings.


One of the first songs we created and performed together is called ‘When I Breathe’. The lyrics for this track I had written a few years earlier just after a youth week at Sylvan Lake Baha’i School in Alberta. The song speaks to the history of the Baha’i Faith and the incredible sacrifices that were made in the early days of my religion. I am forever inspired by these stories and they are the foundation for which my faith is based on.

The Mississauga Baha’i community was so loving and encouraging with our musical efforts, they played a huge role in our existence. I remember one man saying something like: “you both have a gift and you must record an album together!”

Here is a video from six years ago, Nabil, JC and myself working on my final project song (I was so lucky to have such bosses working on my project with me :D). That’s Nabil on guitar, we are in his basement. JC singing and me on the excited beat box!