Once More Lyrics

ONCE MORE (production and Mixing: JC)

Intro, JC:
Its not fair, its not easy
When this life is all you’ve ever known

Verse 1, Karim Rushdy:
If you could see my face, youd say keep the faith
Id say thanks a lot, then you’d be on your way
Then id be headed home just to left alone
Cause ive been so in pain that all my fear is set in stone
Ive been hurt bad, i mean ive cursed at
Myself for losing all i had – i want what worked back
And this fragility that now you can see easily
Is who i am, but not what i could be
Don’t wanna be a star But id like to shine
Id like to shoot across the universe in hyper drive
That means extra fast, but this time never crash
Id like my faith to be strong and forever-last
Id like to rest my head and dream within the palace
I want to experience balance
I wanna be that fifth element like corbin dallas
I wanna light up night skies – aurora boriealis.

Chorus, JC:
It’s not fair, it’s not easy
When you’re heart, just won’t let you in
It won’t let you in
You have lived in better times before
Just keep your faith, and you will find them once more
You will find them once more

Verse 2, Karim Rushdy:
At least I’m open now, cause I’ve been broken down
And as these walls fall my tired eyes see hope around
I thought that I was destined to be in solitude
But I forgot the strong connection living between me and you
And this is sincere I hope i’ve been clear
I was staring at my rear view and couldn’t steer
So now this visionary hope you see instilled in me
Is defining who i am and i pray that it’s who i grow to be
Never been one to man up, with my emotion canned up
But i surrendered to the pain so now watch me stand up
And in this skeptical world i’ll say that i believe
Swimming through societies words, i’ll be adorned with deeds
And as my efforts and my focus swiftly fall into convergence
It’s safe to say i’m not who i was, this is my resurgence
Lord guide my steps aright and through me shine bright
Like the northern lights