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LISTEN ft. Oreanne Cardinal

(Production: JC. Guitar: Nabil. Beatbox: Karim Rushdy)

Verse 1, Karim Rushdy:
This is a little more important than the abs you have
This is more serious than cleavage
This is not botox injected into robots
These are the ashes from which rise the phoenix

This is better than your touch screen
Or the hottest gossip on your twitter feed
This is a loss of love
These are forgotten dreams

So hold your head up to the dying sun
And say show me where the fires from

Chorus, Oreanne Cardinal:
Ô mon Dieu! Je suis là, près de toi.
(O my God! Here I am, near you.)

Verse 2, Karim Rushdy:
This is imagination
With unadulterated inspiration
This is the vision of a few who don’t run from pain…they face it

This is a message from your noble soul
…Get back on the horse
There’s only strength in the spirit
So ride till you die with this electrifying force

So now look deep into your tired eyes
And ask them why they feel need to be disguised


Verse 3, Karim Rushdy:
I once reached for the clouds
But ended up holding nothing
It’s hard to move up when you’re not building something
I once tried to make a memory without living in the moment
It’s hard to tap into your soul when you already sold it
I can’t define the definition of divine premonition
Sublime submission is intertwined with my mission
So I sit and listen…