That’s Hope Lyrics

That’s Hope ft. Paolo Escobar

Beat Box: Paolo Escobar

Verse1, Paolo Escobar:
When I was young
Felt like I couldn’t breathe
Couldn’t find hope
Much less to believe
That I had a bigger purpose
In life
Than to stay alive
Couldn’t count how many nights I cried
Asking why do I struggle to survive
But I realize I couldn’t see clear with tears in my eyes
But truth is
Don’t wanna live a life that’s fruitless
And see how important my years as a youth is
These days the world view’s ruthless
It’s getting harder everyday not to lose it
We’re bruised with
The thought of gotta make it on your own
Never knowing that you’re never alone
If we use loves fire to burn away all things
You’ll see clear what hope love brings
So let’s sing

Chorus, Paolo Escobar:
That’s what the people want [That’s Hope!]
That’s what the people need [That’s Hope!]
That’s what the people want [That’s Hope!]
That’s what the people

Verse2, Karim Rushdy:
i choose to open up my closed youth/
because the tree that bears no fruits/
is fit for the fire/
im trine take it higher/
to a place where i stand in serried lines with the soul troops/
you see i was misguided and i was hopeless
like a rouge missile, i saw the truth, but couldn’t approach it/
i fit the mold, but i fell, straight into the depths of hell with the fake image i held
we are the perfect consumers/
our lives are worthless in their eyes, theres nothing truer/
but when i pause and i meditate on divine quotes/
i can inhale the fragrance of hope/