Softly Lyrics

Softly by JC & Karim

Production: JC

Chorus, JC:
Softly you whisper
And I can hear your freedom
Softly you whisper
And I can feel you

Verse1, Karim Rushdy:
I am vivified, I’ve been revived
I feel life through the wounds in my quickened eyes
I’m more than jolly, like permanent Diwali
I’m flying high with the confidence that I’m never falling
See I was overwhelmed, and I was overrun
Overworked and I was over. done.
And after months waiting for someone to save the day
I turned inside and said God, take the pain away
To my surprise, He replied
He said everything you’ve heard is a sack of lies
Your heart is My home, let Me live in it
Not these transient tenants who live minute to minute
Get rid of the bigot within it and turn to My limitless visit
I came to fill it with love if you will it
So I turned to His grace
And in return…your embrace and….


Verse2, Karim Rushdy:
I know you know what I mean,
cause in your dreams you can visit the source
Love is not a feeling, its a force.
I could say that you complete me,
But that’d make me a parasite and in then in turn
You’d have to leave me, believe me
When I say i feel at home when I hold you
I didn’t just fall into loving you, I chose to
Love is the cause of the existence of phenomena
It’s power; magnetic, from earth to andromeda
Love is the cause of unfoldment to a searching mind
Of the secrets of the infinite it seeks to find
Stuck in the Hollywood framework, I couldn’t go beyond
Now its your spiritual features that I focus on
See my submission to the will of God lifted me to victory
And instantly delivered me to liberty
Then your decisions to find joy in the misery of life that is a mystery…and well the rest is history cause…


I’ve never felt nothin’ like this before
And I don’t want nothin’ more
The way you make me feel is so unbelievable

Softly X4