Trouble and Toil Lyrics

Trouble And Toil ft. Big Zee

Production: Zia Kalyan

Trouble and toil, blood in the soil
Life burned away in a piece of tin foil
Trouble and toil, wealth in the soil
Every move we make is a step to be royal

Verse1, Bigg Zee:
We watch as the fire grows higher
We see what we think through television wires
Enquire, hear the screeching tires and fire people until they real
But they liars
Ghetto politicians, and that’s only from opposition
Native, Baha’i or Christian – think of your decision
Is it worth million to try and kill a religion?
Depictions on television or laptop
The main the description based on four star missions
Still can’t tell if they’re real or non-fiction
The whole world’s got trigger fingers itchin’
Listen the whole point of view is missin’
Look into the river, see that water glisten
Just like that poor girl trying to find a pot to piss in
Huggin and kissin.
Now try and find her while she’s missin’
Blow out the piston


Verse2, Karim Rusdy:
we got the chemical attacks and the strike from obama
its hard to stay positive with all this global drama
i look at Syria, and its mysterious
and if youd like well you can call me delirious
but in the midst of it all, i can see the signs of peace
it doesnt matter with or against the middle east
or against the US and support the UN
the fact of the matter is that no one can pretend
that we are not the limbs and the organs of one
body, and together we are strong like the sun
but if one of us falls that means all of us are done.
look at this playground: trouble and toil
big bullies’ eyes bubbling with oil
veto vote that so the treaty gets foiled
tell me how to grow peace in this GMO soil?
how will our actions ever change form
if the next generation of fathers cant evade porn
while our daughters wake up and look themselves in the eyes
and if they had the power to express
they’d say my self worth has been sexualized