The Basics Lyrics

The Basics ft. Tahirih Vejdani, Liza Lotfali

Chorus1, Tahirih Vejdani:
He walked on water, still the nails met the cross
He brought us hope, seven hundred and fifty shots went off

Verse1, Karim Rushdy:
Some people praise Muhammad, some people praisin’ Jesus
Some people praise themselves and somehow war is where that leads us!
The air is filled with x-rays, there’s children livin’ as sex slaves
And the upper class in that rat race are still just livin’ as tech slaves
They say that life is what you make, but it can make you
So break through that fake you and make unity
Because it’s faith that will take you to the place that never left you
It’s spiritual and it’s mystical but it’s simplistic: it’s the best you.

Chorus 2, Tahirih Vejdani:
He said unite the people, was sent to prison with a smile
He said the people are equal, and we gave Him exile!

Verse2, Karim Rushdy
Some people never say God, some people say Allah
Some people pray everyday and end their prayers with Baha’u’llah
Some atheists might claim that religion is all just vagueness
Religionists might claim that atheism is makeshift
But nobody’s right if they’re livin’ a life full prejudice and full of hatred
How can we live in a world where some people don’t eat but some live in a spaceship
Corruption was never this blatant, look on the news there’s a rape or a racist
In between you and me that’s where the blame is
So with a unified voice so I can’t take this
That’s just the basics, that’s just the basics

Bridge, Liza Lotfali:
It has become evident that the oneness of mankind is a fact
But its unity is yet to be established
Recognition that we are one race, the human race
Must be universally upheld if we are to reach out beyond our limitations