Tetris Lyrics

Tetris ft. Anna Luxion

Verse1, Karim Rushdy:
You said he seemed nice but then was not that/
And all the love that you had well you lost that/
You said it seemed like/
It would be right/
But then the brother made your pain into his delight/
I don’t think you need that/
I think you need …
I think you need a safe place where you speak free/
And you get respected, and never left with/
A situation where you’re stuck with broken pieces of heart that fell apart and now gotta put together like tetris/

Chorus, Anna Luxion:
When the beautiful dream becomes your nightmare
How do you scream, when no one’s listening?

Verse2, Karim Rushdy:
She’s in pain again today but she’ll never run away/
I got a feeling that a it’s probably cause she’s thinking bout the shame/
And I don’t even know I guess it is what it is/
But the problem is the problem is the problem is the kids!/
She got one black eye, but she covered it of course/
He said he’d give her two if she thought about divorce/
Silently suffering waiting for the sirens/
To come and bring change as she’s stuck in violence/
Hit em up shoot em up he’s turning up the centigrade/
He really wanna celebrate, she really wanna get away/
But just quit that/
Stop with that/
I said stop cause its backwards like a baseball cap/
Just quit that/
Stop with that/
Because what ya gonna do when the world hits back?!/
How many families violently disconnected?/
And trying to put it back together just like Tetris/

Bridge, Anna Luxion:
Broken hearted pieces on the floor my darling
You can pick them up, I’ll help you put them back together
I’ll show you, you are strong