Take A Look Lyrics

Take A Look feat. Ashraf Rushdy:

Production: Arlen Yanch

Verse 1, Karim Rushdy:
So I’m walking home in the cold, alone again – blinking
“What have I done with the time that I’m given?”
Cause I’m sure now, that every moment in this life is a present,
presently I’m disconnected.
I’m misdirected by list of imperfections
I missed the lesson where they teach us how to deal with the pressures
Of living in the real world.
It’s like they want us to be stupid and blind
And shot by Cupid, in love with the lie so our lives are truth-less
They make us walk miles but it’s useless
We’re looking for a smile that is toothless.
So if you’re stuck in the formula, that’s deformin’ ya
This is my report – I am the corriner
Nothing is the way that it seems, so when they say:
“Be the best you can and fight for your dreams”
And “reach for the stars” or “shoot for the moon”
Or “YOLO, sing to this tune”…
Before you take a step you better take a look
Cause I can guarantee you man, that they’ve cooked all the books

Take a look, Take a look
It’s the crime of the century but none of us our shook
Take a look, Take a look
They kept us entertained and our brains they took
They calculate and stimulate our senses now we’re hooked
Take a look, Take a look

Verse 2, Ashraf Rushdy:
We’re trapped by habits, and it’s strong like the sun and planets
Bandits robbing humans of their nature
Aint’ ya angry ’bout the injustice of this?
Major label libel and lies
Truth is disguised, youth is too prized
Eyes open, but trained to see
Only the colours of ‘I’ ‘Mine’ and ‘Me’
Strain to find but still blind to the ‘We’
How programmed can a human being be?
School books filled with words still empty
Whole lives on credit, every thought I have you lent me.
Can’t we drop these borrowed clothes? Admit that no one knows?
See what tomorrow holds? I’d rather than my mind overflows with ‘Why’…
Then a bunch of filler from the media pie.


Verse 3, Karim Rushdy:
I’ve been around the world, seen a lot of stuff
I’ve seen a lot of people with not enough
Food to eat, and some with too much
It’s like the more I learn, the more I lose touch
Of the pulse in my heart, aware but in awe
Like approaching an art piece that’s purposefully putting holes in heart
And with these broken wings how can I soar up to God?
Odd, how did I end up feeling like I’m lost?
When I look into my soul I know I’ll always get across
Any obstacle in front of me that I normally could not.
But I’ve been looking wrong
So I’m tricked by this fake, magical facade
Now I’m driftin’, everyday I’m wishin’
That I had a compass I could hold in my position.
But I’m hold onto lies and I don’t know why listen
Take me to oneness away from contradiction.