Rise Up Lyircs

Rise Up ft. Jacob Houshmand, Richard Osak

guitar: Jacob Houshmand

Chorus, Jacob Houshmand:
There’s darkness surrounding and you are drowning,
But rise up
The storm’s knocked you down, you’ve spent your life on the ground
And now it’s time to rise up
And throughout these years, you’ve drowned yourself in your tears
And now it’s time to rise up
And yesterday’s gone away and trust me nobody knows what tomorrow holds
Just rise up, just rise up,

Verse1, Karim Rushdy:
Don’t live life stuck trying to get higher up
You gotta rise up before your times up
Your body’s made of mostly H2 0
That’s why you gotta rise like vapours yo
Water is to steam what reality’s to dreams
It’s just a different state of mind
Simply defined this is intricate design
If you’re not moving forward then you’re falling behind

Verse2, Jacob Houshmand:
Uhh, we drive on and into death
But our mind goes mad we just runnin’ out of breath
And though you get up, life just knocks you down again
But you refuse to lose and stay down the whole ten
The world’s a hurricane and in the center you are born
So when the world goes wild, remain the tempest to the storm
Cause though craziness surrounds you, the center stay calm
And if the beat ever drops just pick it up and carry on


Verse3, Karim Rushdy:
Everybody that i know is in a situation
Trying to overcome the struggle – find some elevation
Positive change isn’t far away
But somehow we stay and wait in anticipation
For something that’s better than what we have now
It takes courage for us to stand out of that comfort zone
because we feel alone and we have doubt but…

Verse4, Richard Osak:
See yesterday’s gone, tomorrow’s still comin
Time’s gettin’ closer – I hear destiny drummin
Yah you gettin’ older, yah you feelin’ colder
If life was a game, then this one’s not over
Believe in yourself and nobody else
This is the prime of your life so respect yourself
So raise your head higher, let your spirit burn with fire
Let service to humanity be your only desire – rise up