Reach Out Lyrics

Reach Out ft. Sarah Taborn, Shadi Hanna

Production: Arlen Yanch

Verse1, Karim Rushdy:
freed from my subservience and subjugated turbulence
i took the earliest opportunity to be like Perseus
so the next time I’m lookin’ for confirmations
i look up to the sky and i embrace the constellations
these words flow fresh my mouth like im coughing mints
there is a higher power and its dropping hints
on how to reach spiritual opulence
the copy prints that boxed me in have been trying to stop me since:
i broke free and saw the rays of the sun shine
but once you’re found you can never un-find
so breathe in, breathe out
and begin to reach out

Chorus, Sarah Taborn:
I am O my Lord, but a tiny seed,
reaching out.
shine Your light on me. X2

Verse2, Karim Rushdy:
i remember those times that i got cheated out
but now im a changed man and movin fast like the cheeta’s mouth
My mistakes they look small like snakes look from the eagle’s snout a leader now
ill give you something you can blast through your speakers now
ill give you something lasts ill send the beacon out
and when you hear it, dont fear it – believe it loud
“we are not robots” we are the people now
you’re better than the gossip that you tweet about
nobility is yours, be it now
so breathe in, breathe out
and begin to reach out


Bridge, Karim Rushdy:
this is my cognizant hypothesis
what you believe could be opposite
I believe in God and in His providence
I have confidence
all these broken promises
in the metropolis are so bottomless
living this anonymous
life without consequence
makes the populous so homogenous
yet racism is still dominant
from the cowboy boots to the moccasins
fake tolerance is so prominent
its an accomplishment to be honest with
your consciousness and just honour it.
the prophecies are fulfilled because Baha’u’llah is upon us now


Spoken Word, Shadi Hann:
I’m stuck.
Funny how they call it a free country when all you ever feel is trapped
It’s like everywhere I go, there’s an ocean between me
And whatever makes me happy
It’s like every time I open my eyes, my eyelids just don’t want to stay open
I open my windows, only to shut my blinds
Keepin’ all the lights on and still feelin’ dark on the inside
I can’t hold a conversation.
My friend asked me what the weathers like – I tell him to take a rain check
Because it never stops raining on the rolling hills of my cheek bones
Sometimes, I just hate myself
Every single thing someone says about me hits like gunshots
Raining down on my chest.
Maybe we were just wired this way?
They tell you to find your happy place
But they never leave you a compass, all they leave you is
Desperately trying to find some air while drowning in your own despair
There’s always a wall, always another hurdle
They tell you just to be strong so you can push them down but you’re out of breath
Wondering how the people that made you this way could
Sink. So. Low.
Soaked in all the troubles, all the responsibilities
It’s so much pressure, it feels like the pain is fillin’ up your lungs
Suffocating your breath, drowning out your voice
Trust me!
I know how you feel.
I’m just here to reach out to you.