Like A Baby Lyrics

Like A Baby

you need a break, but you’ll take it on another day
you got no time, plus your bills wont fade away
you feel stuck and you’re praying for a getaway
now sit back and watch life just flutter away
ooo, the words so true
what is the force that controls you?
is it love you can never undo,
or is it some kind of witchcraft – voodoo
if you’re liven in fear then you’ll sit tight
you’ll be stuck in your ways never get right
but if you’re feline what im feelin’ then you’ll live life
with no stress, like a baby, cause it is nice
and if you rock to the rhythm of the cool beat
and let it flow right down to your two feet
and just say “no hate flows through me”
then you can feel a new life in 1,2…3

grownin’ up in a world so crazy
it’s hard to be me lately
I’m looking for the things that’ll make me
feel worry free, just like a baby.

…whats that? didn’t notice when i brushed past
touch pad; is a luxury you must have
plush bag on the credit – not enough cash
tweet about cars, in your wallet theres a bus pass
scratch that i think i better back track
cause thats me and im really trine mask that
what i find inside my own mind
is a mine full gems, designed by Divine but I’m


i wonder what its like at birth
i wonder what my life is worth
from today till the day im in a hers
i know i gotta fight this material curse
i take a moment for my memory
and there it is, o my God: love is the remedy
i knew that, so how did i loose that
whenever i use that, i feel the energy
so now im liven in a better way
and every breath that i take is a getaway
so if you’re stressed all day, let that fade away
and feel the new hope, just like a baby.