Inside Out Lyrics

Inside Out ft. JC, Lil’ Minato

Guitar: Nabil. Beat Box: Karim Rushdy

Everybody’s in a hurry now
I say don’t worry now
slow down,
keep that frown upside down
and keep your head up with a smile now
turn you vision from inside out.

Verse1, JC:
You wake up in the night so far from home
You’re tryna make the way your own and all that know
Is you don’t wanna live this way for long
You look up at the stars their telling you
If you don’t touch the sky you lose, so that’s what you do
But they higher you go, you know gets colder
So much colder…


Verse2, Karim Rushdy:
I walk a straight path
I’m lookin for confirmation ASAP
I need the time to pray – somewhere laid back
and if God speaks – I’ll obey that.
but what if I’m denied my identity
and people try to steal this energy
i think that i wont ever again let it be
id look ’em in the eyes and tell ’em what this song said to me:


Bridge, Lil MInato:
So if you’ve ever felt down
And you’re tryna turn things around
Just look inside and I’m sure you’ll find
A sweet escape from that tunnel view
So let your vision embrace the world
Instead of only seeing what’s in front of you