Galaxy Lyrics

Galaxy ft Tiana Barnes

Production: Arlen Yanch

Verse1, Karim Rushdy:
This air is thin
I’m walkin’ in the same shoes my brother walked
Except I’m here to wear ’em in
I’m here to build the box that my dreams will be buried in
Very slim are my chances, but strong is my resolve
I’m like the golden man, swimming in a sea of aqua regia
Trying not to dissolve
I’m on the edge but tell me will I fall
Will I walk or will I crawl
I’ve been trying my whole life to fight against the hate
And when it feels like all my efforts will disintegrate, I think that
You cant litigate this, infinite day dreams
Cause in a minute maybe I might vindicate me
And I could tell you if you want what you really wanna hear
That this devil in me’s gone and I’ve steered my life clear
But that would be a lie
Cause its the fight with this demon that is keepin’ me alive

Chorus, Tiana Barnes:
So many nights lonely
No dreams at all
This galaxy broke me
I’m ready for blast off
Take me back home
Take me back home

Verse2, Karim Rushdy:
Realize sight is not real eyesight
Freedom lies right within the field of minds flight
No desire to speak
But I’m inspired to reach
So let these words be the hands that push you higher than me
Separate the light from the fire
And write my desires
If you’re selling hopelessness than all the world will be your buyers
The greedy will never tire and they’re flying higher
In the sky and into space
Just to chase their deepest fantasies
Lost their humanity
Its like they’re in a rain forest searchin’ for the sun
Trapped underneath the canopy
Try to rule the earth and you’ll be swallowed by the galaxy