From Within Lyrics

From Within ft. Carmel Rukiza

Verse1, Karim Rushdy:
I see the way you’re sitting right there
Looking like “oh my God I don’t care”
But I got a feelin’ that you’re feelin’ what I’m feelin’
And then in about a minute you’ll be hands to the ceiling
I see the way you’re lookin’ so down
That’s lookin’ like a permanent frown
But if you look inside I know you’ll feel this vibe
Goin’ and free that smile, feel alive to the sound

Pre-Chorus, Carmel Rukiza:
Go on and free the smile
Feel alive to the sound
I know it’s been a while
Since its come around
Just come alive, I know you will survive
It comes from within.

Chorus, Carmel Rukiza:
When you’re in despair
And there’s nobody there
Listen close to the rhythm that can change you
Take it from me, cause your victory
It comes from within

Verse2, KarimRushdy:
I know I put you in the spotlight
You’re probably thinkin’ that’s not right
But if everybody sees you, maybe you won’t feel see through
I know you feel it in your veins and capillaries
This rhythm is your positive artillery
And it’s been about a minute but I know you feel the rhythm cause I see you gettin’ in it




Chorus X2