JC and Karim

“Do you know what you want to do with you life?” was the question of this time in my life. I had just returned from an incredible trip to India: a seventeen year old boss is what I was. I worked hard for 6 months, saved up money and lived like a maharajah for 6 months :). I also went there to be of service and do volunteer work at the Baha’i House of Worship.

“I think I kind of want to be a teacher” my insecure answer echoed through the loving ears of my family. I was asked what I love…music. My uncle Phil knew a guy who was in a music school so BOOM there I was getting a tour at Nabil’s college: Metal Works Institute. Nabil was cool, the place was cool, so I applied…got in and on the first day of school I met JC.

I tired to sell a CD of music to JC, three songs for $5. He said “I’ll tell you what, you give me that for free and I’ll think about letting you record in my studio.”

So began our musical journey…