Halloween at MacEwan University

My friend Naisa introduced me to the United Nations crew at MacEwan Unversity and they invited me to perform for their UN day last week. I did a spoken word on the equality of men and women and a song called spiritual revolutionary. At that event I met Kim, really cool girl who works at MacEwan and invited me to perform on this haunted day for the United Way event…I gladly accepted!

The theme of the day was Poverty in Edmonton and how the United Way is doing what it can to help those in need of its services. There was a wonderfully heartfelt, personal story from a woman whose daughter had some incredibly rough experiences in life. She spoke of the effect that had on her and her family and how it is hard to talk about it but she feels these things must be shared and talked about. I couldn’t agree more.

I truly believe that life works in a cycle of crisis and victory, without crisis we can not find joy in success. SO, I performed two pieces at this event – the first, ‘Never Wake’ speaking to crisis and the second, ‘That Feeling’ to victory. Here are the videos and pictures from the event, happy halloween everyone!


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