“If Arlen can do it, so can we” – said my brother Ashraf and myself about writing raps. Not only did that hold to be true, but we both grew to be wordsmiths within a few short weeks, staying up late writing raps. I remember my brother would be up till all hours of the night reading the Quran, the Kitab’i’Aqdas and the Bible: writing pages and pages of prose without batting an eye. Later I would ask him to show me his lyrics again so I can hear the genius that it was and he would say “oh I lost that one.” LOL what a nut! So many beautiful lines lost forever, but hey we’re still friends (as Arlen would say).

Our debut show at The Big Valley Jamboree sparked our desire to be conscious rappers rocking shows across Alberta…and that is precisely what we did – at least within the Baha’i community. Tahirih joined us a singer…but was soon replaced by Chelsea-Lyne. 😉 not in a bad way though, we love them both – it was just logical I think cause Chels was in Edmonton where we were and Tahirih lived in Regina…where none of us have visited and deep down it weighs heavily on our souls. Also, Tahirih has gone on to do much bigger things than any of us combined so it’s all good.

We recorded a bunch of songs and what not, got screwed over by this producer dude who held on to our songs for something like 10 months! I got inspired to learn how to record and mix music myself so that we could eradicate that issue and ending up transplanting myself to Ontario where I did just that.

Anywho, Dialektika is a solid part of my history, both musically and just life-wise. Here are three songs we made back in the day: