The world is at war. There is pain, hate, prejudice, violence, and so many more dark forces that plague humans all over the globe. R Mixy from Nigeria is making the point that something is missing from this situation. He has made a song that sparks thought immediately on this concept and has a great […]

Take A Look ft. Ashraf Rushdy (From the album ‘Reach Out‘) Music produced by Streets By Night. Get in touch with Streets By Night through TWITTER and email: The following post uses this song as a catalyst to spark a potential discussion between you and the people around you: How to eat the media […]

  “Mona was 16 years old whens he was arrested in the Iranian city of Shiraz along with scores of other Baha’is. The Islamic Republic of Iran, under the leadership of Ayatollah Khomeini, had set out to rid their country and their revolution of the Baha’i Community, the largest religious minority in Iran. Mona and […]