Where Did We Go Wrong Lyrics

WHERE DID WE GO WRONG feat. JC, Tallisman,
Bigg Zee, Jose Maria

(Production: JC, (additional production on last chorus by Jose)

If we simply opened our eyes, it would be easy to see
That the world is falling apart. So I have one question:

Verse 1, Karim Rushdy:
What happened to a code of honour, true respect
What happened to the heroes man did we forget?
Living that advertised life like all we need is sex
We digitize books but don’t read the text
What happened to that samurai discipline
We’re couch potatoes with a battlecry of giving in
Our inner peace blocked by the war were living in
The beauty of the melody compromised by singing sin
Get a grip get a grip man consider this
What if we weren’t born with indifference
Genetically inheriting belligerence
I think were noble but with time we diminish it
So welcome to moment where we transcend the limits of thought
See what the spirit has got
Because its melody moves you whether you hear it or not
So tell me

Chorus 1, JC:
Where did we go wrong – something’s out of place
Where did we go wrong – it’s all messed up we gotta find another way
Where did we go wrong – we’ve fallen out of grace
Where did we go wrong?

Verse 2, Tallisman:
It’s too easy to misplace one’s optimism
Or lose Faith have we forgot what God has given?
And if not then what’s got all my people trippin’
Acting like we already lost or our grip is slippin’
This trip is different for my seed then it was for me
Tricked and deceived beauty now perceived as ugly
Media fools we flashing images—what to be?
A glimpse of this truth threatens to bring out the thug in me
I can’t run or sleep. I can barely hear my own thoughts
Above the drone of masses prostrate before a throne that rots
We gonna own the cost when He raise up the stone & rocks
If we refuse to look up from these phones and take some stock
This fall from grace can stop we can save this flock
Disgrace is not the mark The Most created noble
The call’s been raised to us we gon’ save this trust
In these last days it’s love that’s going global

Where did we go wrong – we’ve fallen out of grace
Where did we go wrong?

Verse 3, Big Zee:
To be wrong or right man, what’s the difference?
To be black or white seems to cause a distance
Snap your fingers life changes in an instant
Inherited difference in life of an Indigenous
Negative energy pffft man I never considered it
It all makes sense, the possibilities are limitless
When a generation’s innocence is dirty and infimate
You can only really blame it on the witnesses of ignorance
Learning that kept my own businesses legitimate
Instead of packin’ plastic with the taste of black licorice
And instead of asking friends where the liquor is
I tell them take your moment and don’t let no one diminish it
That’s the message my whole generation needs
Instead of servin fiends could fill a broke mans dreams
Not fillin’ your pockets you’re just feeding your inner greed
But nobody listens until there’s bullets in between


Verse 4, Jose Maria:
What happened to a code of honour, true respect?
Cluelessness is permeating minds leaving youth at rest
Lethargy and ignorance are steady fighting to the death
We need to open up our eyes, is that too direct?
No, we gotta say what needs to be said
We got some people writing hate that shouldn’t ever be read
We got some people that are starving and just need to be fed
We gotta fight every injustice that we face til we’re dead
So after living like an emissary,
Doing what is necessary
Gotta feel the love and make our learnings hereditary
So things will carry on when we’re laid up in the cemetery
Contributing to lasting work so change isn’t temporary
The shift can be legendary, compare it to a Stradivarius
A broken world though, people marrying for lust
We’ve been separated asking who to trust? Is it us?
We need to stand united, or we’ll end up buried in the dust
Listen up!
And get a grip man, consider this.
Let’s stray away from the hate and the bitterness
There is only one solution and it’s hit or miss
So let’s work together if we wanna finish this
The truth is raw and uncut
The clock has run out let’s move it time’s up
“Oh the world is fine” yeah, that’s the new bluff
Calling agents of change It’s time to suit up
And tap into your inner nobility
Break off the chains of hate and pure jealousy
Work for a better you, work for a better we
The world is ill, so let’s search for the remedy
No war no blame no bombs
Imagine if we stood united, so strong
Yo, we’ve been putting it off for so long
Let’s ask ourselves…Where did we go wrong?