The Way It Goes Lyrics

THE WAY IT GOES feat. Sarah Taborn, Lil’ Minato

(Production and beat box: Karim. Bassist: Jason Rafalak)

Verse 1, Karim Rushdy:
Just give me one more year, I’ll make it happen
My future’s presently in the works because my gift is rappin
See i was overcome by fear but now I’m lifting past it
With spirits fastened to my head nod and finger tappin
Just give me one more album, this time I’ll make it big
So me and my well defined ego can find a place to live
Truth is the mirror shows mediocre basicness
The dangerous invasion of the soul has made me aim for this:
A noble goal, I hope for growth
I got a vision for a world that’s overdosed on a broken oath
Some say we’re only body, some say we’re mostly soul
I’m not divided – I say simply that we’re close to both

Chorus, Sarah Taborn:
I know I know I know I know
I’m walkin down the wrong road, but
You know you know you know you know
That’s just the way it goes

Verse 2, Karim Rushdy:
So if you see my
Mind working in rewind
Just know that I’ve been searching for those times that I can re-find
Uhn, and become refined
Uhn, until I reach my
Potential for my mental faculty to find some free time
I know I’m walking on a road that’s off the GPS
But soon I’ll find the right path man no need to stress
I know my speed is less, but how can we be blessed
If all we do is rat race just to breathe success?


Bridge. Lil’ Minato:
The sun is always shining but when you hold a magnifying glass it will focus the energy.
I’ve been thinking lately how I can help the world physically, spiritually and mentally.
We’re all wired like circuitry, setting fire to the first degree, but when we focus purposefully to spread this power verbally, we come together perfectly.