Solar View Lyrics

SOLAR VIEW (Proudction: Arlen Yanch)

Verse 1, Karim Rushdy:
Everybody has an inner angel
Soaring through our higher nature oh so graceful
But, it’s hard to fly along when there’s other options on the table
Pure in the cradle but somehow we learn betrayal
Through hateful fables that make the faithful let go
Another saint to a sinner like a dead rose
But life is everlasting for the soul so it again grows
And it then glows
And everybody has an inner demon
But there’s only problems when you regularly see him
So I regularly pray a.k.a. arrange to leave him
And forever try to be in a state of angelic freedom
My demon spoke: let me hit you with the overview
I rule your world, I have full control over you
I said nah man I can shine right over you
‘That’s not true’ – yeah it is I GOT SO(U)LAR VIEW


When times are drastic and life is tragic
Let no troubles harass me – I don’t need no magic
I got solar view, solar view
No matter what I’m goin’ through
I got solar view, solar view
You got it too and you know it’s true

Verse 2, Bigg Zee:
Angels and demons
Seeing is believing,
Losing my mind don’t know what to believe in
Just give me a reason
Losing my mind don’t know what to believe in
Reaction is all based on experience,
Action with no options makes my mind feel delirious,
Music with no motive an uneducated lyricist,
Until you take control nobody will take you serious,
Are u hearing this? fly guy maybe that high guy,
Trying to scream peace with the piece at the drive by,
Why die over a dollar think about it price wise,
Don’t value your own well being (well) i like mine,
Torn apart inside so it helps me realise,
From London all the way down to Dubai,
There’s empty broken people but with kind hearted minds,
Processed thoughts all equal don’t matter about shape or size,
That’s why wars see prequels ‘cause they telling us lies,
Caveman on the wagon only ones with suit and ties,
That’s cause i set myself to be fully defined,
Set your own lane or stay in the life of crime