I’m Gone Lyrics

I’M GONE feat Gabriel Frith

(beat box: Gabriel Frith)

I’ve been around to so many places but,
It’s hard to find that higher level to take it up
When people all around me are trying to talk about
Things that bring me down, so I’m walkin out

Verse 1, Gabriel Frith:
Woke up Headache Swipe the phone Head shake
Venomous words Inner snake Get dressed Feel fake
Leave the house Hit the street Try to forget Spit the beat
Lighten up Feeling free Long strides Heavy feet
Got dirty boots Walked a path Not proud Mind thrash
Speak bad Talk trash Regret it all Brain crash
Irony I felt that rumors spread I got bashed
That’s not me Life flash Before my eyes
Try to Get back And I’m gone
I’m gone
Fight the industry that’s inside of me
so I can lift the veil of this irony
I’m gone


Verse 2, Karim Rushdy:
Woke up while walkin’ home
Realized I was all alone
So I took a moment to think about
All things I could without
Too many things so I made a list
Of all things I’d actually miss
But only God could make sense of it
So now lickidee split im living in bliss
Not floatin’ on a higher cloud
Just trying to avoid that fire now
Cause most people like dying sounds
Fade away into a violent lounge
I take the haze and I lift that
Clear the room of this riff raff
They say so and so did this that
But I got no time to give that
So I’m gone… I’m gone
Don’t look for me when I spit this beat
Cause I’m history and I’m gone
I’m gone…