Find My Beginning Lyrics

FIND MY BEGINNING feat. Jacob Houshmand,

Richard Osak, Bijan Khajavi

(Guitar: Nabil. production: JC, Nabil, Karim)

Verse 1, Jacob Houshmand:
I wake up another day to be stressed,
Another day to fake a smile and tell em I ain’t depressed.
Another weight on my chest,
Another day to be a mess.
Another test that I fail, and then I pray and confess.
Another chance to fall behind, another chance to progress.
Another day, another worry for my mind to posses.
Another chance to be the best, another chance for success,
That I blow cuz I don’t know how to open and express.
Another day, another quest.
Another issue goes away, another one is addressed.
Another soul is born for hollywood to molest with another big butt and a set of fake breasts.
As I undress and prepare myself for rest,
Another day ends as the sun hits the west.
I pray and suggest that by God’s behest, I’ll wake up another day another Chance to be blessed, cuz I’m human.
I ain’t more and I ain’t less
You’re just another human too, I feel no need to impress.
Another reason to aggress for God to watch and asses,
And see I’m just another pain in his A S S.
I’m just another pest in this odious nest,
Ready to infest your chest so come through with a vest,
I attest it make me sick that us people congest,
To commit another felony or get an arrest.
Another day tryna fight through the wild,
I wave my worries away and then I force another smile.

Chorus, Karim Rushdy:
I would not believe it if you told me
But when the rhythm holds me
And the melody consoles me
O man I feel so free
And my mind is laid back
Like time goes way back
To a place where I can say that

Hook, Richard Osak:
Don’t hold me back from finish line
I’m just tryna find my beginnin’’ woah oh oh oh

Verse 2, Karim Rushdy:
I wake up another day off track
Another lost opportunity I won’t get back
Another fast track straight to to faith gone bad
And there’s gentlemen that’s sellin’ sin who prey on that
So I wake up another day to be trapped
As I find myself tellin’ myself that I’m all that
Lookin’ in the mirror never clearing my past
I’m tearing up fast
Appear in a flash my fear in attack but
Like transplanted lie I’ll never buy into that
Infact I can’t be burned I confide in the ash
Because I embraced pain and pain embraced me back
Delayed gratification like another cheque cashed
Another high fidelity track with melodies stacked
Another set of lyrics confined to my destiny’s path
Another set of goals for me to reach and that’s
Another chance for my soul to be at peace at last