Credit Card Life Lyrics

CREDIT CARD LIFE (beat box: Karim)

Hi there, this is an automated recording for our new and valued customer. We would like to let you know that we’re gonna start you off with five hundred dollars credit. If you build a good credit score we could increase it for ya. Let’s see how you do!


Credit card stripes for these
Credit card Nights
Credit card Swipes In this
Credit card Life
Credit card Debt equals
Credit card Stress
Credit card But my credit scores important i wont be
Credit card less

Verse 1:
Rack up the debt build a grave
Work work work like a business slave
Minimum wage no maximum
This bitter taste is so platinum
Go to school, more debt
Go get a job…no respect
Find love get married quick
Tension in the family, bury it
Work more, spend more
Eat more, sleep less
More loans for a bigger home
Drink coffee man and breathe stress


Verse 2:
Whoops anniversary time for a five star hotel
That bill really hurts to see but I swipe and i’m like oh well
It’s not my first time on a spending spree
But i’m splendidly in fashion
You need brand names in this fast lane
But next month oh wait what happened
Yo look at that apple watch how it shines
Oh man i need that that macbook is mine


Hi there, this is an automated recording from the people who rip you off. We just wanted to call and let you know that we value you as a customer and you matter to us. Therefore, we’ve increased your credit to….UNLIMITED! Press 1 to accept or press 2 to confirm…mwahahahaah.